Positive News!

Australia is in a unique position in the World with a very strong economy. Inflation is under control, employment is very high, real wages are growing and our currency is strong. ‘Although interest rates are rising, far more people benefit from this than the one-third of households with mortgages’ (Ross Gittins SMH 29-11). Australia is surrounded by Countries that it does business with that have strong growth such as Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and India. Lots of other Countries in the World are doing just fine such as Brazil (which is one of the top ten economies in the World) Canada, the East European Countries, and the Scandinavian Countries. In terms of the stock market the ASX 200 is also back where it was in August ’08.

So what’s this got to do with yachting? We’re in an enviable position to take advantage of the best value ever in new and used yachts. Note that Jeanneau’s business is strong with the Group’s net cash position up 80% on the year ending August ’09 driven by strong sales, particularly in new models. With the Paris Boat Show starting this coming weekend deliveries will extend significantly, so don’t wait, now is the time to realise that dream!