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It’s a Crazy World out there!

Jul 20, 2021
A series of circumstances worldwide means that the lead-time for new yachts are the longest we’ve ever seen in the 19 years as Jeanneau dealers. All of the key manufacturers are struggling with

PBS is open for business!

Jul 20, 2021
via email, phone, DMs etc so please get in touch with any enquiries on new or used yachts, buying or selling! info@performanceboating.com.au Lee Condell - 0408 784 000 With the NSW Governmen

Jeanneau Cup Results 2020/2021

Jul 16, 2021
Despite a reschedule the current lockdown means that yet again we’ve had to cancel the final race of the Jeanneau Cup season. We would like to thank Middle Harbour Yacht Club for trying their best

The Sun Fast 3300 has arrived!

Jul 13, 2021
Two new Sun Fast 3300’s have now arrived to Sydney and we can vouch for all of the hype about this astonishing design! It simply has to be experienced to be believe how these yachts sail! With the

Recent PBS Sales:

Jul 13, 2021
Sales of both new and used boats have been strong in recent months. PBS is in the process of commissioning the 2nd of two new Sun Fast 3300’s to Sydney, and the first Limited Edition Sun Odyssey 34

Performance Boatings ‘ShareYacht’ Pittwater Program:

Jul 13, 2021
Performance Boating are offering a cost effective ‘ShareYacht’ programme with quarter shares available in modern production yachts, both monohulls and catamarans. The yachts will be located at

Jeanneau Yachts 60 and NEW 65:

Jul 13, 2021
The recently released Jeanneau Yachts 60 is now in production and as we’ve mentioned previously one has already been sold in Australia and due early next year. This is a stylish and state-of-the-ar

Aventura Catamaran News:

Jul 13, 2021
The Aventura factory in Tunisia has been heavily hit by COVID shut-downs, and the current supply-chain challenges. The plant is in current shut-down, so even though the prototype Aventura 37 sailing

The new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380:

Jul 13, 2021
Just announced is the new Lombard designed Sun Odyssey 380 to replace the long running 379/389. Lombard has previously designed such highly successful models as the 349, 36i, and 42DS and we regard h

The 2021 PBS Jeanneau Rendezvous!

May 26, 2021
Last weekend saw another successful Performance Boating Jeanneau Rendezvous. This year the fleet cruised and raced on Pittwater before heading to the stunning new San Martin function centre at d'A