ShareYacht – Yacht Share Ownership by Performance Boating Sales

What’s on offer:

Quarter or half-shares in a stunning Jeanneau yacht where you are equity owners.

Jeanneau is the largest production yacht builder in the world, and their yachts are multiple award winners for comfort, ease of sailing, and performance.

Performance Boating Sales (PBS) has been the local Jeanneau importer for twenty years and has regularly been awarded the prestigious International Dealer of the Year Award by the international Jeanneau Group.

PBS will work closely with you to facilitate the finding of likeminded partners, and act as a managing agent as required to offer a one-stop advice, maintenance and detailing service.

Why consider a share ownership:

Making the time to use your yacht as much as we would like may not always be possible. A share syndicate could be the way to make it work for you.

A way to enable you to have your dream yacht!

It allows you, as a share owner, to maintain the typical usage of an individual owner, but with the advantage of a fraction of the outlay and costs.

In our experience with share ownership over many years we have found that owners take much greater responsibility for a yachts condition, there typically no more wear and tear than a one owner yacht, and therefore no added depreciation. With access to our PBS service program, we work with you to maintain your yacht to the highest standard using our extensive knowledge and contacts within the industry.

How to manage share ownership:

Boat Equity is a professionally developed Australian boat share ownership system.

It covers every aspect of share ownership:

Further details at – boatequity.com.au

How to become involved:

View the current yachts on offer, or consider any of the vessels showing on the new yachts menu on the PBS website.

Contact PBS now to discuss any aspect of ShareYacht.

Then to register your interest in a specific boat, you will be asked to place 10% of your share value into the PBS trust account for an agreed term, usually 6 months.

During that time PBS actively engage in finding other potential partners to join you in that vessel. If for any reason suitable partners have not been found, the deposit will be fully refunded at the end of the agreed term.

The next step is you will be invited to meet with any vetted potential partner so you are able to discuss your plans for ownership ensuring that your plans are aligned. PBS will be on hand to facilitate these discussions to answer any questions you may have.

No partners will be contracted to join your syndicate without your partners’ approval. PBS does reserve the right to act as a temporary syndicate member, to assist in forming a syndicate if deemed appropriate, and will subsequently on-sell its share as soon as possible with approval of the partners in the vessel.


A syndicate bank account for each yacht is created with a monthly direct debit to cover the running costs of the yacht.

Three months are paid in advance at the commencement of the share program to cover initial costs.

A comprehensive maintenance plan is provided with projected monthly costs over a twelve month period. Twelve months insurance will be paid in full in advance.

Term of Syndicate:

It is open to the syndicate members to decide on a term that is suitable to them. The usual period for syndicate arrangements is three years.

At the conclusion of the three year agreement syndicate members:

If an individual or several partners wish to remain, those share partners who wish to opt out will give the existing members first option on their shares, otherwise those shares will be put on the market.

For more information contact Performance Boating Sales

info@performanceboating.com.au 0408 784 000