New Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 is ready to ship!

A 40-footer is a very important model in any range as it’s the most popular size in the market, so for Jeanneau, having produced the first of the new generation models in the bigger sizes it was critical that the 40 be really something special, and all indications are that it is just that. Using the expertise of the Lombard design office is a plus in our opinion as they have been responsible for the most popular models in Australia such as the Sun Odyssey 36i, 42 Deck-Saloon, and the current sensational 349, of which 41 are now sailing in Australian waters.

We must admit that we wondered how well the breakthrough sloping side deck would work on this size, but this is what modern full bodied hull designs allow you to do and the Lombard office are at the forefront of modern racing yacht hull design, so they are well aware of the benefits that carry over to more cruising orientated designs. It’s clear that it works very well.

Let’s make no bones about it, the way these new generation Sun Odyssey yachts handle and sail has to be experienced to be believed, it is a true generational change in yacht design that leaves all others in its wake. They are stiff, dry, stable, safe and quick. We, various websites and magazines reviewers, and existing Australian owners have put both the 440 and 490 through their paces in a wide range of conditions and without exception they have exceeded all expectations!

There is every reason to believe that the 410 will be equally as good if not better, but that’s only one element of why you would want to own one of these yachts. The ease and safety of movement around the yachts, both on deck and down below is exceptional, and gives absolute confidence for both adults and children, but the useable space both on deck and below is simply remarkable.

The specific interior design of the 410 is another triumph. It breaks from tradition, but is so clever and really does make the best use of what is undoubtedly an extremely roomy 40 footer, and still manages to maintain another design element of the new generation, which is that all of the cabins can have proper rectangular beds that use regular sized bedding.

Our first example will be on display at the Sydney International Show from the 2nd to 5th of August and we can’t wait to get it here!

PBS have both a performance version 2-cabin and cruising version 3-cabin on order, so if beating the current 8 month lead time appeals please contact PBS for full details on either yacht on (02) 9979 9755 or info@performanceboating.com.au