Jeanneau yacht special offers:

With the exchange rate over 0.72 to the Euro astute buyers are taking advantage of healthy discounts as well as the exchange rate to order new yachts now for next season. We’ve sold four new yachts in recent weeks, but there are a handful of very special offers that are still available, including a Sun Odyssey 409, Sun Odyssey 469 and 41 Deck-Saloon, so contact PBS now to find out just how affordable a new yacht is right now.

The Sun Odyssey 349 continues to shine, but the only down-side is that the lead time is extending, so other than out latest stock order the next availability is late September. We do have available a quarter share in a Pittwater based SO349 that has just been handed over, and also a quarter share in one due in August that is to be harbour based, so if these may be of interest contact us for further details on info@performanceboating.com.au or 9979 9755.

SO409 - genoa reaching SO469 - upwind bow on jeanneau_sun_odyssey_349