Jeanneau News September 2020:

Despite the challenges of the Covid crisis and factory closures for 2 months Jeanneau finished the 2020 model year only a remarkable 5% down on the previous year. An extraordinary result in the circumstances.

The new Walk-around Sun Odyssey models have been a strong performer with the Sun Odyssey 410 maintaining Jeanneau’s position as World #1 in the 40 foot segment with 170 boats sold during the model year, and the 440 was also particularly strong with 90 sold during that period.

Other models to continue strongly were the Jeanneau 51, the Jeanneau 64 with an extraordinary 77 now built, and the new Sun Fast 3300 which is in hot demand and has really gathered a momentum as the World comes to understand what an exceptional yacht this really is.

As the World adjusts to the Covid crisis this has led to unprecedented demand for new yachts and the company is now having to review and step up production to meet this new demand. There is a new appreciation of what sailing and spending time on the water has to offer and this is a global phenomenon.

So, if you are considering a new yacht register your interest so that we can look at what options and offers are available, and also likely lead times. For instance there is a new 389 available that would likely be a January handover. Contact (02)9979 9755 or info@performanceboating.com.au