In Mast Furling Mainsails:

Ease of handling with added performance & boat handling a Bonus


Those that sail their 40 foot plus yachts 1 or 2 up will know the difficulty in getting a standard battened mainsail flaked & bagged properly at the end of the day.

The solution to this issue is either:

1/ Furling boom mainsails, however the cost of the Furling boom has always been an expensive option.


  1. In-mast furling mainsails that typically are very flat, have a hollow leech -which detracts from the overall sail area and have no battens, which cause the leech to close up & overpower the yacht when the sail is trimmed on.

The answer to the problems generated by the standard In Mast Furling main is to design & build one with full length vertical battens & a more traditional looking positive roach profile, both increasing area and also resulting in the sail twisting off when the wind increases, giving acceleration & reducing weather helm.

The design and finishing of your battened main must address the following issues:

Hassle Free furling and unfurling, derived from meticulous designed in shape & luff curve profiles plus carefully layered reinforcing to reduce the build-up passing through the mast gap.

Aerodynamic designed shape that is powerful enough to drive your yacht but flat enough to furl efficiently.

The very best in sailcloth (either Norlam or the moulded 3Di Endurance) that will continue to hold its designed shape over extended periods of time


Most furling masts these days have large enough gaps in the aft end to accommodate these vertical battens, so should you be keen to find out more or check where your furling mast will accommodate a battened main contact Ron Jacobs at North Sails for an obligation free onboard appraisal and mention that you are a PBS referral.



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