Explore the Mediterranean on your own yacht?

Ever thought of exploring the med’ on your own yacht? PBS have made this possible for clients over the years delivering new yachts direct from the Jeanneau factory, and also brokering second-hand yachts that are Med’ based, so if this is something that you would like to explore contact us to talk through the options and how to go about considering the whole process. The first thing to know is that new yachts are considerably cheaper in Europe due to the saving of the significant ocean freight and also the taxes on the freight. In effect we pay 18% in tax on imported yachts. Secondly, if considering second-hand yachts there are costs and risks associated with purchasing through an unknown broker from another Country in another currency. We have a cost effective foreign exchange facility and can work in conjunction with a selling broker there to make sure that your interests are protected. We can also assist with the documentation required to register a yacht as an Australian vessel. There are multiple scenarios depending on whether the intention is to sell the yacht there after several seasons of exploring this fascinating part of the World, join the ARC and cruise in company to the Caribbean with a view to ultimately cruising back here, or ship back to Australia direct from the Med’. We’ve been involved in all of these scenarios and can therefore offer advice on the pros and cons. The Jeanneau factory often have special deals available on demonstrator boats that are already med’ based that can be a very cost effective proposition, so that is another option. Make an appointment and we would be happy to talk through the various scenarios.

Photographed below are clients Kel and Jan Wellington who we brokered a second-hand 42-footer based in Italy. Having recently returned home from the European winter they report that they’ve thoroughly enjoyed their first season Med’ experience and are looking forward to next season exploring Turkey and beyond.