Yacht Share options with PBS:

Sharing equity in a yacht is a great way of either owning a larger/newer yacht than you could otherwise justify, or significantly reducing your investment while still maintaining the typical annual usage. PBS have numerous share clients who will attest to the benefits and while it’s not for everyone there are a significant proportion of owners who find that this works extremely well for them.

Right now PBS has three very good options available, being a 1/3 share in a 2013 Jeanneau 44DS based on the marina at RPAYC, a half share in a 2019 Sun Odyssey 419 based at Newport Anchorage here on Pittwater, both privately managed syndicates with low annual costs. Also available are quarter shares in a brand new Sun Odyssey 410, which could be either harbour or Pittwater based depending on interest. For the SO410 and any new order share syndicates see the details of our PBS share ownership program here.

You could be out enjoying your share ownership yacht these holidays! To make further enquiries about these share yacht contact PBS on (02)9979 9755, or email info@performanceboating.com.au