Why regular maintenance adds to your boating pleasure:

It doesn’t matter what type of boat you have, power or sail, wooden, alloy or GRP. Having owned many vessels of all types over the years, been boating for over 40 years, and worked in the industry in America, Europe, SE Asia and Australia I’ve come to understand that a regular preventative maintenance schedule of any boat is a must. There are many reasons for this; firstly detailed cleaning and polishing your vessel will actually make it easier to keep clean in between and for longer, preventative maintenance such as the lubrication of moving parts, keeping bilges clean and dry and so on helps to keep your vessel trouble free and increases its value; and finally routine maintenance like engine servicing, antifouling, battery load tests etc will also ensure long term reliability. So the pluses are increased enjoyment, increased value and reliability. Surely worth noting!

Some owners like to be very much hands on and do most of this work themselves, others would much prefer that it be done for them, but with many elements to it this can be tedious. That’s why here at PBS we offer a service to manage maintenance and be a one-stop-shop to take the hassle out of it for those that would prefer to spend their free time out on the water. We offer highly competitive rates and free quotes, so for further details contact (02)99799755 or email service@performanceboating.com.au