The Sun Fast 3600 production online and going global:

A specialised workshop has been set-up in the plant to build the Sun Fast 3600. This high-tech race boat requires temperatures and humidity be carefully controlled in order to ensure the quality and consistency of the infusion-moulded parts. There are even warming blankets to wrap around the containers of resin! A dedicated team is in place and follows every step of the construction.

The worldwide popularity of the Sun Fast 3600 is clear, as there are now boats in preparation for no fewer than eight different countries, including France, Poland, UK, Sweden, Italy, Australia, China and the USA. The first example to Australia (already sold) will be on display at the Sydney International Show at the end of July and below is an excellent video review by Yachting World magazine. For full details contact PBS on (02)9979 9755 or info@performanceboating.com.auSF3600 - spin (2) SF3600 - interior