Sun Odyssey 490 Cruising Helmsman Review:

“I tried to push this boat hard but, other than leaning onto the chine and no further, it was fingertip control the whole time. I felt like the seating for the helm is more enclosed and even a bit lower that what I am used to. It engenders a feeling of security that I like without losing any sight lines.

Quite a strain-free delight for the helmsperson. Quite a ride.”

Without exception everyone that has sailed the 490 is hugely impressed, so in addition to all of the other innovations such as the sloping side-deck, impressive cockpit and sensational interior, the sailing characteristics of this design really need to be experienced to be appreciated. This new generation hull form with class leading stability, and a lighter construction method combine to offer a yacht that has impeccable manners across a wide range of conditions and will undoubtedly gobble up the miles. See here for further details on our unrepeatable demonstrator offer.