Available for the 2020 model year is the remarkable swing keel version of the new Sun Odyssey 410 giving you access anywhere you can imagine, with absolutely no compromise in sailing performance or stability!

We know from our experience with the smaller Sun Odyssey 349 swing-keel that all of the claims are true, you get full Cat’ A offshore ability, but with the ability to access any waterway and the only difference in the saloon is very minor.

This is unique in this size range and here in NSW for such places as Lake Macquarie, or any of the river bars it opens up access completely as the draft with the keel up is only 1.37m.

For further details on the Sun Odyssey 410 see here To view or test sail the standard Sun Odyssey 410 contact PBS on (02)9979 9755 or email info@performanceboating.com.au