Sun Odyssey 349 continues to shine:

With 23 Sun Odyssey 349’s now on the way to Australia, and over 370 sold Worldwide, what are the elements that have made this yacht so popular here?

  • Well, the price point is clearly attractive and highly competitive among all the brands, and that’s before you take into account any of the design advantages.
  • Shaft drive for greater reliability and virtually no maintenance costs in contrast to the yearly oil change and servicing of a sail-drive leg.
  • Chined hull for additional stability, directional stability and increased volume down below.
  • The reverse shear (curve of the hull at deck level) gives the 349 a certain elegance from every angle, yet the yacht looks quite sporty. I liken it to a BMW Coupe.
  • One of the exceptional elements of the 349 is it sheer versatility. As a short-handed weekender around the harbour it is simple to use, stiff and unmatched in terms of handling. As a coastal cruiser it has the feel of a much bigger yacht due in part to a very long waterline, but also due to its extraordinary stability, which no other competitor comes close to. It far exceeds the requirements for Category A offshore by a considerable margin. Add a fat-head main & a bow-sprit and it becomes a BMW M2. It is astonishingly fast and with the twin rudders remains balanced when every other yacht around it has rounded up. There is great confidence in a yacht that behaves like nothing else before, and the existing 20 plus owners in Australia will back that up! This might have something to do with why so many owners here are having a ball twilight racing their 349’s, the vast majority with the factory standard sails. I’ve been racing one on the harbour and only 3 other yachts are smaller out of 17 in class and we are one of only two with standard Dacron sails, yet we are consistently 3rd home in an absolutely standard out of the box boat and actually got line honours this week!.
  • There is something very satisfying when you sit on a cockpit seat and the dimensions are just right, similarly with the saloon. A great deal of thought has gone into the proportions of everything and it just simply works. There is lots of good storage space, generous cabins, good galley and nav’ and the separate dedicated stall shower is a winner.
  • Creative freedom. A wide range of options allows you to customise your 349 to exactly match your requirements
  • Here at PBS we pride ourselves in knowing our boats and being able to offer you the best advice in terms of factory and local options to guarantee you both the best value, best outcome and best resale value. We are available throughout your ownership to carry out service at the best value available for hassle free enjoyment. Sailing is intended to be a leisure pursuit, so let us make sure it remains that way.