Sun Odyssey 349 continued success:

With 16 Sun Odyssey 349’s in Sydney and another one on the way, this design is following the World-wide success of this extraordinary cruising yacht. Even after two and a half years of production demand is so high that the factory has increased capacity to produce more than one a day!

One of the latest examples to arrive is the first to Australia with the new oak interior finish, and our first 3-cabin in the Country. It’s amazing how well the three-cabin layout works on a yacht of this size!

Whether with the standard draft, shoal draft or hydraulic lifting keel, self-tacking jib, standard mainsail, in-mast main or (for those focused on performance) the fat-head mainsail the 349 is an absolute joy to sail. Extremely stiff with astonishing balance, no matter what the weather throws at you. This, combined with a great cockpit, spacious interior, whether with the 2 or 3 cabin layout, and excellent value-for-money and it’s not hard to understand the popularity of these yachts.


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