Sun Fast 3300 News:

There is so much news about the Sun Fast 3300 that it is hard to know where to start, but a good highlight is the Melbourne based yacht “RMS” winning the Rudder Cup overall on IRC, AMS and ORC for the Melbourne-Devonport Yacht Race in wild and freezing conditions across Bass Straight in January. It was raced three-up by Barney Walker, Jade and Aaron Cole. Congratulations!

The next great news is that the first example to Sydney is due in just 1 weeks and has been sold to a CYCA member. This is the 8th SF3300 to Australia with several more on the way. There are now yachts racing in WA, Tasmania and Victoria, and very soon in NSW and Queensland.

The more that Australians are putting these yachts through their paces the more they are realising how remarkable they are! Phenomenal balance and stiffness means ease of handling short-handed and less sail and gear changes, whether racing at club level, or doing any of those serious offshore races. And the speeds these things are doing is gob-smacking. This Verdier hull design is ground-breaking with a double concave that makes the yacht behave like a bigger yacht.

Now that an alloy rigged version is in the Country and has been compared with the Carbon masted version we now know just how capable and potentially race winning the standard boat is. With some smart IRC optimisation these affordable latest generation racing yachts are undoubtedly going to become highly popular in this Country.

It’s feasible to have a boat racing at club level for under $300,000, and offshore with both water-ballast and the Carbon mast for little over $400,000. We have a Carbon masted water-ballasted boat available for July delivery on offer for $310,000 ex-sails ex-instruments, but you will need to move quickly as the next available Australian delivery won’t be until December, then it slips to February 2022!

Se how much fun these remarkable yachts are on this video.

There are also just three remaining Sun Fast 3600‘s available with the factory promotion that includes the Carbon mast option for free! If this may be of interest contact us on now on info@performanceboating.com.au