Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race 2-handed division

We are particularly excited about the first ever 2-handed division in a Rolex Sydney Hobart race taking place as I write this, and have many personal friends taking part. Eighteen 2-handed participants started, which was the largest division in the race!

In particular we were tracking good friend Lincoln Dews who with Andrew Scott is taking part on his Dad’s Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200 “Hell’s Bells” and raising awareness for Parkinson’s sufferers through the ‘Shake it Up’ foundation, and Rod Smallman who with Leeton Hulley was campaigning the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600 “Maverick”.

In addition the Hobart based Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 “Hip-Nautic” sailed by Jean-Pierre Ravanet and Drew Meinke which won the division start and looked very impressive leading out of the heads and into the first night.

Sadly “Hip-Nautic” tore their mainsail and retired about 12 hours in while in the lead and has been well reported the whole fleet took a battering, with headwinds up to 35 knots, but against up to 4 knots of current which meant steep back-breaking waves, for almost 2 days! “Hell’s Bells” had to retire due to an engine fault after 24 hours, while “Maverick” survived the bashing and made it into the lead only to hit an unidentified object that sheared the starboard rudder off.

We applaud those still racing in the division with friend Jan Scholten with Jules Hall on the J99 “Disco Trooper” now dominating with a significant lead, then the S&S 34 “Crux” which has sailed superbly well in 2nd, while there are three boats vying for third and almost side by side, being the Sydney 36 “Saltshaker”, First 34.7 “Speedwell”, and J99 “Rum Rebellion”.

Just completing this race as amateur sailors 2-handed is a huge accomplishment, but to make the podium is special, so a big well done for those who make it.

Lee Condell