Performance Boat of the Year

It’s worth noting that with a certain 35 footer having won the performance European Yacht of the Year this year and their blurb saying what an innovative yacht it is, that Jeanneau were 2 years ahead of them with the remarkable Sun Fast 3200 which won performance European Yacht of the Year that year, and it’s half the price! These new generation performance yachts are quite different from anything we are used to, so do yourselves a favour and come and have a sail on the Sun Fast 3200. You won’t believe how much fun it is, how stiff, and how comfortable both down below and on deck.

The Sun Fast 3200 continues with success across a broad range of racing from Club and twilight racing (currently 2nd overall in the Friday night twilights on Pittwater), to full IRC racing around the cans at such events as Spi Ouest, and 2nd overall in a highly competitive fleet in the two-handed Around Britain & Ireland race as well as the Round Island (The Isle of Wight) race.

 Just email info@performanceboating.com.au or ring (02) 9979 9755 now!