New Model Announcements:

At the International Jeanneau dealer conference last week Jeanneau announced two new yachts for the 2012 model year being a 44 Deck-Saloon and Sun Odyssey 509. The prototypes were on display at the dealer meeting and can be seen on several u-tube videos, but the yachts will make their official public launch at the Cannes Show in September. Both are fantastic looking yachts with the 44DS being based on the same hull as the SO439 which will be on display at the Sydney Show.

The 44DS is a radical new design in the same way that the SO409 was to the SO39i. Using the Briand hull of the SO439 the DS version has an interior and deck design by Franck Darnet Design. FDD is a specialist yacht styling and interior design based near Jeanneau in Nantes and also in Miami with a staff of 14. They have been involved in custom and production yacht design and in fact Franck Darnet himself has cruised his own yacht around the World, so understands the use of space that cruising yachts require. Apart from the visual look which is very stylish and modern the interior is finished in a walnut timber finishes with high end fabrics and much innovative use of space. With no less than 16 opening ports there is a huge amount of natural ventilation, including a large opening port in the master aft cabin which also provides a view astern and even more natural light. The owners cabin itself is exceptional with a bed that is over Queen size and lots of storage as well as generous seating and a large hanging locker. The galley has been designed with many innovative features and include the provision for an optional wine cooler among other appliances. Now that’s smart thinking!

The Sun Odyssey 509 is an all new design following similar thinking to the other ‘9’ series Odyssey’s with ease of handling, multiple layouts and multiple sail plans to suit every type of use. This can be a gentle 2-up cruising yacht with either a self-tacking jib or 106% headsail, or go for the performance plus pack and have a yacht with nearly 10% more sail area than the SO49i Performance ideal for that sojourn to Hamilton Race Week where performance features like the inboard shrouds allowing a close sheeting angle and below-deck furler maximising headsail area will be fully appreciated. Also offered on all of the ‘9’ series Odyssey’s for 2012 are factory supplied furling code 0’s.