Ladies Training Morning- Sunday 20th July 2014:

The course was attended by 7 very enthusiastic ladies that all had the same mindset (to be more comfortable with helming a yacht under power & gaining confidence whilst aboard).

We covered all aspects for the day out in the yacht from Weather forecasts, preparation before the boat departs the jetty, effects of wind on the yacht, correct speeds to maintain control, using back transits to determine when the yacht was in fact stopped, & a multitude of other important details that are required to give a better understanding of boat handling when departing or approaching a dock.

All ladies practiced reversing & docking the yacht & now have the knowledge of what it takes to accomplish this manoeuvre. Remembering of course that “practice makes Perfect”. All left with a new found confidence & talk of days out midweek with the girls only aboard.

“Thanks so much for running a boat handling course on Sunday. I learnt some great skills and gained confidence in manoeuvring the boat. I took our boat out two days later, by myself, to practice. I repeated the exercises you took us through, and it all clicked! I’m so looking forward to getting back on the water”. – Prue Finlay

“Would you please pass on my sincere gratitude to Ron for a great day out on the water yesterday. His “husband counselling” session, patience and instruction were awesome and have given me a new level of confidence when it comes to handling our yacht. The weather wasn’t kind but the company was good and even though I really wasn’t keen to do this course, at the end of the day I can honestly say I had lots of fun”.