Keeping your Spray-dodger windows clear:

In talking with our preferred canvas-maker Shane Beashel, from the award winning SB Marine Trimming, about how to extend the life of your canvas clears, he offers the following from the material supplier.

Clear PVC plastic windows must be cleaned regularly to maximize their potential life expectancy. Always start by hosing the dirt and loose particles from the surface inside and out. Using a mild soap and water solution, wash the surface with a soft cloth. Never use a harsh brush or abrasives when cleaning plastic windows. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry with a clean chamois.

The effects of sunlight combined with environmental pollution will alter the chemical structure of your plastic window, resulting in permanent discolouration and brittleness. To maintain the clarity and extend the life of your plastic windows, it is recommended that you regularly wash dirt, air borne pollutants and salt off the surfaces.”

They also recommend you do not use a harsh detergent when washing; just a mild detergent in water applied with a soft cloth is satisfactory. Never rub your plastic windows when dry, as this will scratch the surface. Do not use products containing silicones or alcohol on your plastic windows such as typical vinyl care products and glass cleaners. It is also recommended that you cover the windows when not in use. Ensure the covers are well fitted to avoid rubbing and potential damage.