The Jeanneau factory has hit multiple milestones this year with the Sun Odyssey 379 becoming “Cruising World Yacht of the Year” and from a production point of view the factory produced the 100th Jeanneau 57, 200th Jeanneau 53 and 500th Sun Odyssey 409.

Patrick Bollen visited the main Jeanneau facility at Les Herbiers to review the build process for the Prestige power range and here is what he had to say:

“The build process for the Prestige range takes place in the same way as the Jeanneau yacht range and at the same monster factory in Les Herbier. I have spent many years in the business of boat project management, restoration, repair and as a commercial skipper. I was so impressed by the Jeanneau factory that I needed to spend another few hours inspecting what I can say simply blew me away” and “The following morning I went back where I once again took an unaccompanied tour of the whole complex to reinforce what I’d experienced the day before. I was right. This boatbuilding facility in the French countryside is indeed one of the best boating experiences I have enjoyed and to any prospective buyer of a Jeanneau yacht or Prestige powerboat I strongly recommend jumping on board a flight and heading to France to check it our for yourself.”

Visits to the factory can be arranged through any Jeanneau dealer.