Jeanneau yachts – unequalled quality!

No other volume manufacturer can assure their customers of such structural integrity, consistency of build, and quality control so owners have complete confidence that their yacht is capable of meeting any challenges they may face. Now that’s peace of mind!

– Jeanneau yachts have an enviable reputation for building offshore yachts that sail well, which is the primary goal in their design brief.

– Hulls are built in monolithic GRP (solid glass).

– Decks are built in a patented closed mould process for uniformity, strength and lightness (a weight saving of up to 30%).

– The pan mould structure is bonded AND glassed to the hull.

– Fore and aft stringers run the length of the hull for additional stiffness.

– All aspects of the design and construction are certified by Bureau Veritas (BV) which is considered to be the most stringent International authority.

– Jeanneau is the only volume yacht builder with an internationally accredited Quality Assurance programme (ISO9001) requiring outside auditors to regularly inspect the process.

– Jeanneau has been manufacturing boats for 53 years and has their own independent manufacturing facilities, one of the most sophisticated in the World.

Jeanneau’s customers help drive the innovation and quality that are the hallmarks of Jeanneau. As experienced sailors, their input enables the design and production teams to quickly implement new ideas and enhance proven ones. The result as you’ll see is a way of creating yachts of extraordinary quality, value and timeless good looks.