Jeanneau Sun Fast’s dominate Melbourne-Osaka Race:

Jeanneau are the only brand with multiple entries in the 2018 Melbourne-Osaka Race, which has just started with staggered starts over the last week, and has four Sun Fast’s taking part. Although it is very early days at the moment these yachts are currently 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th under IRC, with the Sun Fast 3200 “The Edge” leading.

“The Edge” from WA is being sailed by David Kenny and Northern Beaches resident Paul Schultz, then there are three Sun Fast 3600’s, “Kraken” from WA sailed by Jeanneau dealer Todd Giraudo with Dubbo White, “Mister Lucky” from Queensland sailed by Mark Hipgrave and Rohan Wood, and “Maverick” from Victoria being sailed by father and son Rod & Tyson Smallman.

It’s going to be particularly exciting racing between the 3600’s, but we wish them all well!