Following our announcement last month on the arrival of the very first of the remarkable new Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 into Australia we are excited to advise that another two Australian orders have since been confirmed with several other potential orders pending.

With Australia finally embracing short-handed racing, which has been growing exponentially Internationally, there is considerable interest in the Sun Fast 3300 being a fast, exciting and highly competitive yacht with a relatively short lead time and highly competitive price point.

The Sun Fast 3300 just launched in WA is the new “Kraken” owned by Jeanenau West Australian importer Todd Giraudo, following on from his previous SF3200 and SF3600. It’s currently being commissioned and has just had a YA stability test confirming that it meets our Australian Cat’ 1 requirements.

Production is just getting into full swing with Todd’s boat being one of the first production boats off the line, but the early success continues with another SF3300 “Eurovoiles” just winning the highly competitive “Duo Sail” event in France.

The Sun Fast 3300 was designed to be highly competitive with an alloy rig, but can also be configured with a carbon mast and water-ballast for those wanting to fully exploit the IRC rule to the highest level.

It is also configured to be an easy yacht to race fully crewed, or anywhere in between, so even if you are an existing racing yacht owner tired of trying to find a full complement of crew this yacht has so much stability that it can be sailed at a high level without reliance on significant crew ballast. A real plus in the modern day where regular crew and becoming more and more difficult to find.  

Availability is now out to early July 2020 handover in Australia, so now is the time to be placing orders to have a boat ready to tune up for next season!

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