Jeanneau and off the wind sailing:

For 2016 Jeanneau are offering optional bow-sprits for efficient flying of either Assymetric spinnakers or Code 0’s. Code 0’s use a tensioned luff to allow you to sail much closer to the wind than an assymetric, and have been offered by Jeanneau now for five years. However, if your preference is to retain the 2nd bow-roller then you can remain with that and use the fixed eye on the bow as has been used in previous years. For those that prefer to pole out a headsail a jib pole can be offered, or for those that prefer a symmetric spinnaker for down-wind sailing (whether with a sock or without) this option can also be chosen.

Whether for an improvement in passage sailing, or twilight racing the deck layouts across the Jeanneau range are ideal allowing quick and simple changes to how running rigging is lead to change from cruising mode, to fully crewed or short-handed, whatever you change in circumstances.

Many of our owners will enjoy sailing their yachts on their own from time to time, then perhaps take out family and friends, and when the occasion presents itself take part in a fun event. Having this flexibility in how the yacht can be handled extends the enjoyment and use of your yacht and this is one of the great strengths of the current Jeanneau range.

SO439 - code 0