Have you considered the benefits of sharing the costs in a new yacht? PBS have a brand new 44 Deck-Saloon on order for delivery in September, with the option to be based either on Sydney Harbour or Pittwater. One half has been sold to a very excited owner, so now either two 25% shares or a 50% share are available.

The 44 Deck-Saloon is the first in a new generation of Deck-Saloon’s from Jeanneau carrying on the tradition of yachts with large functional cockpits, extremely bright saloon’s and enormous owner’s cabin unmated in aft cockpit yachts of similar size. The 44DS takes this further by introducing the additional stiffness, directional stability and additional volume of a chined hull, short-overlap or self-tacking headsails, and both mainsheet and jib-sheets adjacent to both helms. However, there is also a generational change in the styling and interior finish by the Darnet superyacht design office. To arrange an appointment or receive further details please ring (02) 9979 9755 or email info@performanceboating.com.au.