Jean-Marc Piaton, interior designer for the Sun Odyssey line.

The collaboration between Piaton Yacht Design and Jeanneau began in 2017.  Together, and with the successive launches of the Sun Odyssey 440490410, and most recently, the Sun Odyssey 380, the design teams are reimagining the interior style and design concept of the line.

In this interview, Jean-Marc Piaton, co-founder of Piaton Yacht Design, reveals the unique challenges in reconceptualising the interior spaces aboard the Sun Odyssey 380.

For over 30 years, Jean-Marc Piaton and his team have dedicated themselves to expressing the character of a brand through the interior design of its boats.

“My original field is brand imaging, and at the heart of the matter, the design of boats is never simply working on the brand image of the boats. […]  I have at heart, first, to reinterpret the spirit of the brand, rather than to think of a particular recognizable style that would be ours. That is how we work on the Sun Odyssey line.”


“When you buy a boat, you know that you will spend time on it.  It becomes a house on the water,” explains Jean-Marc Piaton.

So, in order to offer comfortable, inviting living spaces aboard sailboats, the interior design codes have become closer and closer to those of the home environment.

The Sun Odyssey 380 trends in this direction, boasting a rectangular berth located in the forward cabin, a unique characteristic aboard a 38-footer.

The day bed offers another advantage for the well-being of all passengers on board.  Located at the centre of the sailboat, a very stable position, it affords greater comfort when weather conditions prove less clement.


Sun Odyssey sailboats are distinguished by their subtle balance between performance and quality of life on board.  Coherent efforts over the years have resulted in the creation of a consistent model line with a distinctive style.

“We sought to reinterpret the spirit of the Sun Odyssey line, which has true, faithful followers, people who love sailing.  Before the aesthetic [value], they are sensitive to the functionality of the interior layout of a boat.  There must be storage, […] a functional, traditional chart table, […] a simplification of the space and the perceived volumes.”

This careful consideration of the layout, the materials and textures, as well as the acoustic qualities and the quality of the finishes, has been very well received following the launches of the Sun Odyssey 490440410, and most recently, the 380.