It’s a Crazy World out there!

A series of circumstances worldwide means that the lead-time for new yachts are the longest we’ve ever seen in the 19 years as Jeanneau dealers.

All of the key manufacturers are struggling with the unexpected and unprecedented demand for new yachts all around the World, while huge increases in freight costs and a serious shortage of materials and supplies are causing delays and resulting in significant price increases of raw materials of up to 30%. And that’s outside of the the immediate COVID issues and a serious Cyber attached which crippled the company for 6 weeks!

Despite all of the challenges Jeanneau have done a remarkable job with virtually no delays in the yachts that we’ve had on order. However, across the entire Sun Odyssey range the next available yachts for orders placed today are into September and October 2022 ex-factory, and at a price increase of 8% on current pricing. For the Jeanneau Yacht series there are some earlier slots available.

Lead times are out so far that Jeanneau are no longer accepting stock orders from dealers, so we can’t secure future production slots to reduce lead times.

Last week we sold our final stock Sun Odyssey 349, our 28th 349 sold into NSW! There are six yachts from 3 models available to Australia with short leads times and with attractive offers:

Sun Fast 3300: PBS has two 3300’s on order, one with alloy rig and one with the Carbon rig. The first is available in December this year, and the other January 2022, BOTH AT THE PRE-COST INCREASE PRICING. So, jump the queue and save by securing one of these two boats!

Sun Fast 3600: There only two remaining Sun Fast 3600’s with a FREE CARBON MAST UPGRADE and available to be delivered here in October of this year, one with tiller steering and the other wheel. We recently sold one that is on its way here by ship now. The 3600 is the best all-round crewed and short-handed 36-footer available, with the results to prove it!

Sun Odyssey 410: PBS has two stock 410’s on order with another two sold for delivery later in the year. The specifications for both of the stock orders are completely open until July 23rd and these yachts are available at 2021 pricing, so a SAVING OF OVER $50,000 on current pricing and 12 months ahead of the next available order!

One of these yachts will be offered in quarter shares to be based on Pittwater and managed by PBS, so if that may be of interest please email info@performanceboating.com.au

In the Jeanneau Yacht line both the 51 and 54 have availability late this year, while we believe that the next available Jeanneau 60 would be a Feb’ 2022 at this stage.