Integrity Motor Yachts – Choosing your adventure:

See the latest Trade-A-Boat issue #462 for an fascinating article on the second-hand purchase of an Integrity 350 Flybridge entitled “Choose your own adventure” which highlights many of the positives that these unique motor yachts offer.

Described as “the ideal boat to explore Australia’s coastline in absolute comfort” the owner of this particular example had initially been looking at bigger boats around the 45 feet, before realising that the Integrity 350 had everything that he needed. The first significant blue-water test was a passage from Sydney to Melbourne achieved in 90 hours of motoring averaging only 9 litres/hr. Just recently he has cruised to Hobart for the Australian Wooden Boat festival and future plans are to cruise North as far as the Torres Strait. The owner sums up by stating that “It really suits my purposes well and satisfies all the criteria I was looking for”.

PBS currently have our demonstrator Integrity 380 Flybridge for sale, and also have two second-hand 350 Flybridge models available, one of those in survey. See them at this link. The 380 Flybridge is reviewed in both the Jan/Feb Trade-A-Boat (see the article and video here), and the Feb/March Club Marine magazine (link here). For further details contact Adam Workman at (02)9979 9755 or email info@performanceboating.com.au .

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