Integrity Motor Yachts and Performance Boating Sales:

In September PBS will have been Integrity Motor Yacht dealers for two years and in that time we have established the brand as the most successful new true displacement motor yachts in NSW with 13 of the marque now enjoying cruising our waters. With three models on display at the Sanctuary Cove Show last week and three also at the Sydney International Show at the end of July find out why discerning buyers have chosen the most cost effective motor yachts in terms of purchase price, cost of running, service and resale by contacting us now. Contact Adam Workman here at our office on (02)9979 9755 or adam@performanceboating.com.au to arrange a viewing or test-drive.

Integrity Motor Yachts offer some significant benefits to those wishing to enjoy our incredible waterways:

–       Great value

–       Extremely strongly built

–       Reliable

–       Inexpensive to run (the 340 Sedan uses less than 8 litres/hour at 7 knots)

–       Traditional hand crafted wood finishes

–       Inexpensive to service

–       Great service from PBS

–       Incredibly easy to handle

–       Covered cockpits for all weather enjoyment

–       Protected propeller

–       Side gates for easy access to the dock

–       Full walk around decks

–       Side helm door

IMG_3196 380 Sedan - side on 800 380 Sedan - stern to 800