Integrity Motor Yacht winter weekends away

Many forget or don’t realise just how enjoyable and relaxing boating during a Sydney winter can be. After a recent long weekend away on an Integrity 320 Express, kindly loaned by boating charter and share company Smart Boating, it reminded me how boating on Pittwater and the Hawkesbury in winter can be better than summer in so many ways, no crowds, no charter boats, plenty of moorings to pick up, late breakfast, the sounds of whistling kites, the warmth of lots of blankets, big heavy winter meals, and lots of full body red wines. The late mist was rising as the sun warmed the bay, and on cue the mobile coffee man was arrived also offering the weekend papers. What more could you ask for!

I rafted up with two other Integrity motor yachts, these being “Impetuous” a 490 Grand Sedan and “Kookaburra” a 440 Sedan, both up from Sydney for the weekend.

The only thing I missed was the swimming, though kayaking and SUP’s kept those that needed to explore happy.

My suggestion is give it a go. I think you’ll be surprised how beautiful and peaceful winter boating can be.

For those that can get under the Hawksbury bridges, try going up the Hawkesbury River as its very safe and easily navigated, I’ll let you know as I’m off to do this trip soon. A report will follow next month – Adam Workman

Note Adam runs the power side of PBS and is therefore responsible for the sale of both new and used Integrity Motor Yachts, as well as the Jeanneau power range, and general power brokerage. If you are considering selling your power boat be sure to give Adam a call on (02)9979 9755.

The Integrity 320 Express, 440 Sedan and 490 Grand Sedan will all be on display at the Sydney International Boat Show, which starts on Thursday July the 28th.