Integrity 460 Grand Sedan Testimonial

Thank you to Richard and Sue for sharing with us your recent experience with purchasing a New Integrity Motor Yacht through Performance Boating.

How many and what type of boats have you owned previously?

Most of our boating has been in and around The Pittwater and Sydney Harbour, having grown up sailing skiffs competitively and spending most of my time on the water. We moved from yachts into catamarans and then into powerboats as our family grew. We have had a number of large luxury powerboats over the years but as the kids have started to move on our needs have changed and that’s why we decided to purchase the 460 Grand Sedan from Integrity.

What attracted you to your Integrity?

We found that we no longer needed a big fast planing powerboat and actually enjoyed slowing down a little and taking in the journey of getting to our destinations rather than needing to get where we were going in a hurry. In saying that we still wanted to ensure we had a sturdy sea boat and that’s what attracted us to the Integrity. We’ve found our boat to be very seaworthy having experienced some rough seas off the coast, the boat has handled them with ease. They are a very beamy stable boat meaning they’re great underway even if you still want to move about the boat.

The spaciousness of the boats is a real benefit too, there’s just so much useable space and we easily accommodate our family and friends in comfort. With the air-conditioning, all the appliances we need and plenty of storage we have all the creature comforts of home.

There’s a lot going for them, and they represent great value for money.

After spending time on your boat, what do you like the most?

From a performance perspective, the stability at sea or when at rest is a real highlight, along with a very sturdy build. Their seakeeping is fantastic, regardless of the conditions and they’re built like a “brick $%#@house”.

From a liveability perspective they are just a great entertaining boat. They are fantastic if we head out on our own for an extended trip and can handle large groups of family and friends when we go for day trips. The layout is perfect and we find the open cockpit area with the enclosed covers just creates another great entertaining area regardless of the weather.

What was your experience like with the team from Integrity?

Adam from Performance Boating Sales has been fantastic, probably the best salesman we have worked with. His after sales service is second to none, always available anytime if we have questions about things or how something works. He also coordinated any follow up we had with the OEM suppliers, which is a surprise as in the past we’ve had to look after those types of things ourselves.

In terms of the design and building of the boat, Brett, Adam and the factory were great, integrating any changes we may have requested during build. Nothing was ever a problem, which is a real benefit as the production boat builders can’t offer these levels of service and customisation.

Where will you take your Integrity?

We’ll do most of our boating in and around Sydney, anywhere north and south and up at Port Stephens, its perfect for our boating conditions. At some stage we’d love to take the boat up the East Coast to the Whitsundays, a trip we will do at some point.

What would you say to some considering an Integrity?

I’d recommend doing the comparisons. Check out the competitors along with the Integrity and you will soon see that the Integrity offers such great value for money. You will struggle to find a boat as good or that offers as much. Also the standard of service is second to none, a really important thing when it comes to buying an owning a boat.

To find out more about this or any other model in the Integrity Motor Yachts range please contact Adam on (02)9979 9755 info@performanceboating.com.au.