Saturday the 17th of November saw the launch of the very first Integrity 380 Sedan to Sydney and we thank all those people who came to view this very first example to have been built. All of the feed-back was very positive with everyone particularly surprised with the volume and space of this new design. Packaged as it is the 380 is very much turn-key with the only likely inclusions a BBQ, dinghy and covers. The standard layout is two cabins with the saloon table also convertible, and the hopper doors opening the saloon out to the cockpit is both very functional and creates a further feeling of space. And the best news is that this vessel is available as a demonstrator package for a Pittwater based client and available pre Christmas.

For anyone who missed the open day please ring (02)9979 9755 or email info@performanceboating.com.au to arrange a viewing, or request further information.

A special thanks to Terry and Christine Brown who cruised down from Lake Macquarie on their Integrity 350 flybridge to be part of the day.