Hard Bargain to Beat –Sun Odyssey 379:

Cruising World magazine summarises their 2012 Yacht of the Year as follows –

 “While wanting to appear hard hitting and discerning, I am hard pressed to find any criticisms of this boat. It’s the rare boat I test that I would personally want to own and operate. But for me the 379 hits its marks perfectly regarding safety, size, style, speed, accommodation and equipment. Add to that Jeanneau’s commendable 2-year “bumper to bumper” warranty and a five-year osmosis guarantee and you have a hard-chined, hard-driving, hard bargain to beat.”

 With two more just delivered and another order just secured find out how you can become a proud owner of what we at PBS believe to be the best yacht in its size range that Jeanneau have ever produced! Phone (02) 9979 9755 or email info@performanceboating.com.au for further details.