Happy Integrity 340 Sedan owners:

Having only owned trailer boats for many years, but having experienced friends larger boats, we finally made the decision to move to a motor yacht.  We considered a number of boats and gradually the list was reduced as we identified the features that we wanted and needed.  Integrity eventually got the nod from the whole family for a number of reasons:

·         Traditional trawler shape

·         Economical and low maintenance

·         Helm door – fantastic feature

·         Plenty of room

·         Easy to handle

·         Good sea going ability

·         Dealer office in Sydney

·         Exhibited at Sydney Boat Show

·         Great follow up by sales team on any queries

·         All living areas on one level

·         Little movement at anchor compared with many other boats


My aim with the boat is to have it used as much as possible by Steph and Stu and their friends, Fiona and me and our friends and as a family.  The boat is easily handled by each of us so it can readily meet that brief.

We have nothing but compliments to Adam from Performance Boating for pre purchase and after sales service, assistance and advice.  Damien from Performance Boating has also been fantastic with all of the minor after sales items.  Nothing has been a problem to anyone and we have certainly been welcomed into the Integrity family.

The purchase process for us was a major one but in no way did we feel pressured into making decisions.  Adam made the process feel like he was a friend giving advice on what would be suitable for us given our brief.  In all a very pleasant experience.

To the Integrity team, Performance Boating and Adam, in particular, thank you from Fiona, Steph, Stu and me for making it so easy to move into a motor yacht, for your impeccable service, support and assistance along the way.  We look forward to a long ongoing relationship with the Integrity team.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Peter at Gibson Marina for his assistance and “nothing is a problem” attitude.  It is very much appreciated.


Fiona, Graham, Steph and Stu