Free insurance, antifouling and engine service on your new Jeanneau yacht:

For the month of February 2016 Performance Boating are offering any new Jeanneau yacht buyer who places an order (confirmed with a 10% deposit by the close of business on the 29th Feb’ 2016) free insurance from Club Marine for the first 12 months, and their first antifoul and engine service at 12 months free across the range.

In addition Jeanneau themselves are offering the following generous discounts on the base boat price, and the Euro exchange rate is healthy!

Sun Fast 3200 – 3600  – 6% discount

Sun Odyssey 349 – 6% discount

Sun Odyssey 389/419/449 – 8% discount

Sun Odyssey 479/519 – 6% discount

41 Deck-Saloon ‘Black Label” – $25,300 discount

44 Deck-Saloon ‘Black Label” – $28,417 discount  

So what are you waiting for? Stock markets will wax and wane, property prices may slow down, but we only live once. So if your dream is to become the proud owner of a new yacht contact PBS today to explore the exceptional Jeanneau range and achieve your dreams!

The current range of Jeanneau yachts goes from 34 to 64 feet with the models at both ends of the scale World leaders. The Sun Odyssey 349 is the hottest selling production yacht in the World with an astounding 370 sold in less than 2 years, while at the other end the flag-ship Jeanneau 64 has sold double the projected numbers in its first 12 months (34 to-date) to be far and away the biggest selling yacht in its size category in the World today, while the latest model the Jeanneau 54 has already sold 40 and we will have our first on display at the Sydney Show in July.