First Jeanneau 54 on order for Australia:

We are delighted to announce the first confirmed sale of the new Jeanneau 54 to this part of the World to an existing Jeanneau owner here in Sydney. Nominated for European Yacht of the Year the new 54 is a very innovative yacht that has drawn considerable attention Worldwide. This new 54 replaces the previous 53 which is by far the most successful production yacht of its size ever with some 270 built, and Jeanneau are the World leaders in production yachts over 50 feet. So the 53 is a hard act to follow!

However, Jeanneau never rest on their laurels, and despite being the most awarded yacht builder in the World they continue to innovate whilst keeping to their traditions of making yachts that are well built and sail well. The 54 comes from the design office of Phillippe Briand along with the interior design house of Andrew Winch, a collaboration that has been hugely successful in the super-yacht industry and similarly last year with the Jeanneau flagship 64 which has secured a remarkable 27 orders already.

The first element of the 54 is that this is a thoroughly modern yacht, yet elegant from every angle as only Briand can pen. The chined hull is stiff and capable and it incorporates those elements that have driven the success of Jeanneau in recent times, with a wide choice of sail plans to suit every type of use, so self-tacking jibs or staysails, Code 0’s and so on. Married to this on the exterior are some new design elements that are in some ways simple, yet remarkable clever and practical. So either side of the companionway is what I would describe as ‘cosies’. Recessed seats that are wonderfully comfortable whether lounging at anchor, or nestled in while at sea. On the foredeck is a generous sun-bed with fold-up bimini for shade which is again supremely practical. The ‘piece de resistance’ though is the electrical fold-out ‘terrace’, a first in yachting hence it’s been patented.

Down below is a modern yet sophisticated finish with several well thought out options. The yacht on order has the unique aft galley which is situated in what would normally be an aft starboard cabin. It is extremely spacious and ideal for entertaining as it opens to a full dedicated saloon and is adjacent to the companionway. There is no doubt that the finish of this new design is another level above the previous 53.

PBS is very excited to have secured this order with the knowledge that we will be able to have it here in time to display at the Sydney International Show at the end of July. In the mean-time if you would like any details on this model please contact us at PBS on (02) 9979 9755 or info@performanceboating.com.au


01/04/2015, Dubrovnik (CRO), Jeanneau 54

01/04/2015, Dubrovnik (CRO), Jeanneau 54

01/04/2015, Dubrovnik (CRO), Jeanneau 54 01/04/2015, Dubrovnik (CRO), Jeanneau 54 20150331-IMG_8140_d 20150331-IMG_7863_429 copy_d