First Integrity 440 Sedan delivered to Sydney owner

The 5th Integrity 440 Sedan and the first to Sydney has just been handed over to an ecstatic owner and here is what he has to say about their new vessel:

“I have owned boats since I was 17 years old. Apart from doing a lot of yacht racing, I have spent many weekends rafted up alongside friends enjoying the Australian summers.

When looking for a motor cruiser the specification changes as you get older, I don’t want to do 25 knots around Sydney harbour any more. One motor will suffice with a bow and stern thruster. Ventilation is vital, as having air conditioning invariably fails, on a hot day because it has not been run on a regular basis and then needs re- gassing.

Boating today is a great way of entertainment, the current boats have flow through design. Teak floors damaged by falling cutlery and sharp objects, there are many products of imitation teak that won’t damage. Queen size beds are essential for cruising and easy access around the side for easy making.

When it comes to side railing and enclosed walk ways, we wanted a boat for our grandchildren, my wife got involved in the internal design and layout. Constant communication between, Sue and Adam Workman, from PBS ensures the final layout made everyone happy.

If you plan to do some extended cruising once again integrity gave us what we wanted. Fridge, freezer in galley and cockpit fridge for day to day requirements. An ice maker of industrial strength that will make ice when you want it.

Ingredients for success is constant communication between factory and boat owner – (remember simplicity). Finally communication in writing, plenty of photos is essential while your boat is being made.

This is where Adam Workman excels, his product knowledge is amazing as is his integrity. And was backed up by the factory with great communication.

We bought a basic boat and optioned it up to meet our needs.

We love it.

Bill and Sue Wood.”

440 - 3

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