Ewincher, The First Genuine Electric Winch Handle:

New to the Australian sailing market, the award winning Ewincher allows you to perform one manoeuvre after another with ease.

Ewincher is a power-assisted handle that makes winching so much easier. It’s designed to perfectly assist sailing manoeuvres without altering your natural movements. Increase your power and speed with very limited effort while maintaining an ideal position.

The Ewincher is a real alternative to Electric winches. Weighing only 2.2kgs the

Ewincher can be used on any winch straight out of the box. No installation required.

It features three modes of operation:

Assisted: Ewincher works for you in the ideal position

Manual: Works just like a standard winch handle

Combined: Add your speed to the 80rpm of the engine for a speed greater than 140rpm

The incredible power is thanks to a highly efficient brushless motor. It utilises a 25.2V lithium battery with a 3000 MAH capacity, enough for a full days sailing.

Ewincher is the first connected electric winch handle.

Using your smartphone, you can adapt the maximum operating power and torque delivered to the user. All users will therefore be able to adjust the handle according to their strength or the level of effort they do not wish to exceed. Ewincher is so powerful that all users will be able to find the appropriate settings for them. It can also be set to an intermediate level to suit everyone.

For more information contact Any Port Marine www.anyport.com.au