Boat Equity share ownership:

Designed by boat owners, for boat owners, Boat Equity is Australia’s largest online boat share marketplace, providing transparency and a dependable system that allows owners to buy and sell shares on the same terms as an entire boat.

PBS is proud to offer new and used power and sailing yachts in shared ownership under the Boat Equity management system.

The process is simple for the boat owner and everything has been considered. With a detailed system and no fixed annual maintenance contracts or high management fees you can’t go wrong. Owners will pay their ongoing maintenance and berthing expenses at actual cost, not an inflated upfront annual fee, and are also free to buy and sell their shares as they wish without being locked in.

Key benefits of the boat share system include:

– Self-managed at the actual cost of the on going maintenance, detailing and

berthing with no expensive annual up-front fixed management fees
– Enter and exit your share at anytime with no lock in contract
– You get more boat for your budget but with the same amount of use
– Security with the Owners Agreement
– Flexible and easy to use booking system

The Boat Equity system allows you to enjoy these benefits safely and securely, independent of third party syndication managers.

The system also offers increased opportunities to use the boat in other locations that may otherwise be too far away for individuals and there are proven fewer maintenance issues that result from the boat not being used regularly.

When it comes to using your boat, everything is managed via flexible and easy to use online booking software that allows owners to log in, update or access information about their boat. Using the boat is based on a points system, weighted to smooth out demand at peak times such as holiday periods.

Also making the system fuss free, is the Syndicate Owners Agreement, a comprehensive 29 page legal agreement, that provides owners with protection and peace of mind as well as a contractual responsibility to other owners of the vessel.

If reducing your annual costs and releasing some valuable equity while maintaining your boating lifestyle is an attractive proposition, contact PBS and we’ll happily explain in more detail to see if it’s a suitable option for you.

To see boats currently available via syndication, to sell shares in your boat or for further information on the Boat Equity program, visit www.boatequity.com.au