Aventura Catamarans and Performance Boating!

We just couldn’t wait to announce that Performance Boating have now been awarded as importers for the Aventura range of power and sailing catamarans for NSW and Queensland!

This is an exciting new venture for PBS in our over twenty years in business. We’re proud of our reputation for looking after our clients and helping to make their boating as pleasurable as possible, and we plan to follow the same practices for owners of Aventura’s.

The Aventura range are manufactured by French company STGi which started in the early 2000’s on the Atlantic coast of France, but then moved its manufacturing operations to Tunisia in 1997. By 2010 it was producing its own commissioned designs including a 33, which was then followed by a 43 in 2012.

In 2017 they moved to a brand new facility in Menzal Bourguiba in Tunisia and introduced the new Aventura 34 (see video here ) from the design office of Lasta design in 2018. This is a well-respected multihull design office and the 34’ was nominated for European Yacht of the Year last year. Also announced in 2017 was a specific power hull design the Aventura 10 (see video here ) which went into production in 2018 and has proved very successful.

For the 2020 model year a new sailing Aventura 44 is being introduced with the prototype under evaluation now and to be officially launched at the Cannes Show in September, while a 14m power cat is ear-marked for next year.

We, along with our partners in the AMN, have done a lot of research and talked to existing European dealers of the range and it’s all very positive, so we look forward to a long relationship with Eric Roger and the team at STGi. As you’ll see from the website details these are sophisticated modern multi’s with excellent detail ad finish, and they are highly competitively priced. Med’ deliveries are also available as it’s only a 500 mile delivery to the French or Italian coast.

The three existing models are now on our website with pricing on the sailing 34’ and power 10m, and pricing is expected to be available on the 44’ in September.

If catamarans are of interest to you please do get in touch re pricing and availability, or let us know if you have any questions info@performanceboating.com.au