Annual Maintenance

At Performance Boating we aim to give you the highest level of service and this doesn’t stop once you have purchased your new boat. We offer a wide range of service and after sales support options to help you get the most enjoyment from your boat, whether you’re twilight racing, cruising or planning a round the world trip! Being the NSW dealers for Jeanneau yachts and Integrity Motor yachts we know these boats best, so we can offer you the best advice and support.

Spare Parts

PBS can source, supply and install spare parts for Jeanneau and Integrity models, both from the respective factories where applicable, and from all of the major suppliers.


We can book & oversee your annual antifouling at the most competitive rates. Poor antifouling work is very costly in the long term, so having someone oversee your work to ensure it is carried out correctly will both give you peace of mind and save you money over time.

Engine Servicing

We’ll keep your boat running like a dream all year round by booking your engine service with qualified mechanics who are reputable and cost effective.

Detailing & Polishing

Maintain the value of your vessel by having professional detailing and polishing done by the experts. Whether it’s a quick exterior wash, or a full interior and exterior detail we have reliable detailers who are the best in the business and the result will help retain the value of your boat.

Rig Tuning & Maintenance

Annual rig checks and maintenance are an important part of keeping a yacht trouble free and we use a select range of riggers who are experts in their respective fields, whether it is in racing or cruising yachts.

Diagnosis & Repairs

We’re there for you even when things go wrong. We can help diagnose and fix any issues with your boat or repair any damage. Since we are servicing clients every day there is little that can go wrong that we haven’t dealt with before and therefore we can save you time and money in identifying and resolving problems.