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Positive News!

Australia is in a unique position in the World with a very strong economy. Inflation is under control, employment is very high, real wages are growing and our currency is strong. ‘Although interest rates are rising, far more people benefit from this than the one-third of households with mortgages’ (Ross Gittins SMH 29-11). Australia is […]

Yours for Christmas!

We have a brand new Sun Odyssey 33i arriving in December and available as a special demonstration offer to be kept here at Gibson’s marina. So if you would like a new yacht for Christmas don’t miss out on this exceptional “Commodore Edition” offer. Available at a one-only offer of $142,000 with berthing free for […]

Jeanneau GM visits Performance Boating:

On the 18th of November PBS were privileged to have Jeanneau General Manager Jean-Paul Chapeleau visit us on his first tour of this region of the World. Mr Chapeleau reported on Jeanneau’s strength in the current market with healthy orders from around the World. He was most interested to hear from the Jeanneau Australia network […]

SAIL magazine nominates Jeanneau 57 and Sun Odyssey 33i as best boats 2010.

US yachting magazine SAIL has nominated the Sun Odyssey 33i and the Jeanneau 57 in the Best Boats 2010 awards. In making the nomination SAIL magazine said of the Jeanneau 57, ‘If proof were needed of the high standard of modern production building, Jeanneau’s new flagship would be high on the list of exhibits. It […]

Sun Odyssey 439 Announced

Like it’s smaller sister the Sun Odyssey 409 introduced earlier this year, the new Sun Odyssey 439 has had every detail carefully considered to give the yacht more performance while remaining easier to sail. The high aspect rig is available with the standard 105% overlapping headsail, factory optional self-tacking headsail, or a racing 140% genoa […]

Jeanneau 57 Review

See the latest issue of Trade-A-Boat #408 page 122 for a review on the magnificent Jeanneau 57 by Allan Whiting. With over 50 Jeanneau 57’s already sold, and over 80 Jeanneau 53’s these flagship models have been an enormous success and a key element to Jeanneau’s strength having posted a strong result for last financial […]

Sun Odyssey 409 share available

If a quarter or half-share in a brand new Sun Odyssey 409 due for summer delivery and to be kept here on Pittwater might be of interest to you then please get in touch right away. We have a half partner who saw one at the Southampton Show and says it was the standout yacht […]

Sun Odyssey 409 self-tacking headsail

The new Sun Odyssey 409 was launched at the Cannes Show in September and has already reached its first milestone with 100 orders confirmed Worldwide, five of those in Australia. This Briand design breaks new ground with a totally new deck layout which is clean and simple. Both the main and jib sheets are led […]

Jeanneau Flagship sets new milestone!

The flagship Jeanneau 57, launched at the Cannes International Show 14 months ago, has now reached a new milestone with hull number #50 completed and being delivered to its owner. World renowned naval architect Philippe Briand set out to create the best production yacht of its size in terms of ease of handling, luxurious liveability, […]

New PBS website

Our new website is now live at, so check out the new look and format. Your constructive comments would be much appreciated! This is part of an upgrade to incorporate the new Jeanneau logo, a new banner to our office, new flags, this new newsletter format and so on!